Capable, knowledgeable and dependable- your PLATINUM driver is as extraordinary as the quality of the automobiles in PLATINUM's fleet. Exceeding your expectations is your chauffeur's goal. Being requested by name for your future engagements is their honor. 


 Whether your reasons for being in Washington, D.C. or its neighboring communities are political, professional or personal, you will enjoy the peace-of-mind in knowing everything will go as planned. Your knowledgeable chauffeur has their hand on the purse of this great city and looks forward to the opportunity of serving you.    


Your chauffeur is a respectful, well-educated, discrete individual that has your best interests at heart. Be assured, whether it is a quick ride to the airport or a week-long shopping excursion in New York, you can depend on your chauffeur to execute your planned itinerary to the letter, as well as adapt to changing conditions or additional requests.